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  Directions: The Students’ Union of your department is planning an English Speaking Contest. Write an announcement which covers the following information:

As the global economy gains rapid growth speed, technology such as video, computer games, and movies has been becoming essential part of our lives. As for this phenomenon some people are all for all in favor of the benefits brought by the technology arguing that video, computer games, and movies not only provides them with recreation and relaxation but also improves their ability to solve daily problems and enhances their perspective. However, there are some other people hold strong disagreement against technology and they dispute that technology is the arch-criminal that is attributed to a lot of physical illness and causes the estrangement between people. The opponents claim that nowadays people prefer to be immersed in virtual world of technology instead of socializing and communicating with their friends and family, which leads to their loneliness and lost touch with reality. However, as every coin has two sides thing should possess two different aspects which are the positive and the negative effects.

  1) the purpose of the contest,

To begin with, it is undeniable that technology benefits human being in many ways and makes our lives easier and more comfortable. To begin with, technology offers human being with more available opportunities to gain knowledge and clear understanding of the world, which could also initiate our creativity and rich our imagination. For instance, a large number of playwrights, writers who are inspired by antecedent works create their own masterpiece and learn widely from strong points of others, which makes great contribution to society. In the age of information explosion, films could provide us the opportunities to experience exotic foreign culture and draw some merits from other cultures. Through movies, human can gain information and knowledge faster and more convenient than in traditional ways. However, there are also appearing some undesirable phenomena. Plagiarism and imitation run rampant in modern society where intelligent property does not get right protection, not to mention innovation and creation. Unfortunately, if we continue seeking for imitating and fall into a stereotype there will be no more progress to talk about. For example, a lot of variety shows and TV series plots all share some similarities, which are so boring and complained by many people. Therefore, learning and creation are equally important. The benefits brought by films and harmful effects along with movies must be regarded in a rational attitude. The first thing we need to do is to get immersed in former masterpieces and create something that belong to ourselves and make due contribution to our society.

  2) time and place of the contest,

In addition, technology can not only provide us with knowledge but also expand our horizon. New information and knowledge around the world can be available through newspaper and computer without going outside. In addition, many electronic products are becoming available in many schools which create a fertile learning environment for students. A good example can improve that. There are a great number of students in the world learning English. The main method for them is watch some American films and listen some English songs. Without internet there is no way to achieve this goal. If the internet is used properly students can also learn some man ways of dong things and improve their social ability. However, everything must be dealt with moderation. Some people use movies and internet as a way to run away from reality. They play computer games day and night arguing that it is a way for them to relief and they can also improve their reaction capacity through these games. On contrary, spending so much time in computer causes many physical illness and shortsightedness is one of them. They prefer to stay inside rather than do some exercise, which is very bad for their health. What is more worse is that some people skip school to play computer games. However, the real life is cruel and we must face it bravely instead of running away from through computer. It can only be painkiller but never a nostrum.

  3) what is required of the candidates,

Thirdly, it is obviously that a computer network allows users to exchange data quickly, access and share resources including equipment, application software and information. However, internet is also very helpful for our life. It is internet that makes it possible to capture the attention of millions of people. For example, the truth, kindness, beauty that are conveyed in films and movies are easier to accept by the public which, play an important role in elucidation and moralization.. But someone points out its disadvantages, for examples, it has so much junk information that bothers us a lot and causes harmful influence towards teenagers. It is should be not a problem if our government ought to take strict steps to restrict and filter it. A lot of films and computer games are full of violence and terror, which can also be treated as a way to relieve our emotions. Shooting games and racing can make it possible for people to relieve negative feeling and accept new challenge in a peaceful mind. Meanwhile, many tragedies are caused as some people are immersed in the virtual world and can not distinguish reality and virtual world. There are many reports that some teenagers imitate some movie plots and proceed violence to tackle with problems they meet in actual daily life. Everything has con and pro side and the result depends on whether we deal with with proper methods and in right attitude.

  4) details of the judges and awards.

Lastly, film industry has post deep influence in opinions. For example, German faced a severe social contradiction. But governors who monopolized the film industry commanded the cinema to play luxury, historical or musical films.They planed to change every citizen’s attention to the reality. In order to reverse the turbulent social condition after German’s defeat, patriots brought their inner thoughts into the films through criticizing the rulers and persuading the masses to recognize the political issues, which made a good effect. With the development of global economic people are susceptible to the values and life style showed and expressed in movies, which possesses both positive and negative effects. It is quite obviously that many virtues and merits promoted by movies give a better lecturing which is good for purifying soul and reinforcing the stability of society. However, social and cultural diversity is broken. People pursue the most popular mode of living and idolize one particular culture, which is against the economic and cultural development.

  You should write about 100 words. Do not sign your own name at the end of the letter. Use Department of English at the end of the announcement.

To sum up, although nowadays, conflicts between supporters and opponents about immerse technology accelerate in a fierce way, moderate methods and rational attitude must be taken. Immerse technology brings a lot of benefits as well as causes some bad influence towards our society. On one hand, immerse technology such as film, video, computer games provide us with more knowledge and broaden our horizon. Secondly, it can also make people get entertainment as well as relief. Besides, many social skills can be learned and logic and reaction ability will also be enhanced .What is more important is that the virtues and merits expressed in movies can be spread more widely and people learn some life lessons under a leavening influence. On the other hand, negative influence can also be brought by immerse technology. People get trapped into virtual world to play computer games instead of seeking for solution positively in reality. Spending too much time in internet can also cause some physical illness. What is even worse is that culture diversity is damaged due to the global life style spread by movie. In conclusion, immerse technology is a double-edged sword and we should deal with it in rational mind and with proper methods, which is the only way to bring benefits to human being.

  English-Speaking Contest


  To improve students’ ability to speak English and enrich after-class activities, the Students’ Union of Department of English is organizing a school-wide English-speaking contest to be held on Tuesday next week (14 January) at the Students’ Recreational Center. Those who are interested in taking part in it may sign up with the monitor of their classes before Friday this week. Five overseas teachers will be invited to be judges. The first six winners will be given awards. Everybody is welcome to be present at the contest.

  The Students’ Union

  Department of English

  1. To get acquainted with school surroundings

  To learn the history and traditions of the campus

  To benefit future academic study

  To make noises

  To intrude the normal campus order

  To impair campus environment

  To make it difficult for students to concentrate on study

  To expose students to various risks

  2. To be fair and upright

  To enable honest person to succeed in work and life

  To work honestly to attain one’s life goal

  To enhance reputation of a nation or country

  To bring nothing but trouble or failure

  To lose people’s heart

  To disappoint and let down friends and family members

  3. To find (search / hunt) the right career

  To display talent and capability

  To provide one with opportunities and challenges

  To cater to the competitive environment

  To apply theoretical knowledge to practice

  To be of real service to fellowmen and the country

  To confront unprecedented competition

  To be frustrated with a sense of uselessness

  To feel guilty in front of parents and family supporters

  To encounter discrimination on the basis of sex or height or even birthplace

  To despise jobs of lower social status and less income

  To avoid the possibility of working in the rural areas

  4. To develop good health

  To grow stronger than usual

  To keep regular exercise

  To make more contributions to the society

  To be optimistic in life

  To experience living pressure

  To make do with bad diet

  To neglect sports and exercise

  To be indulged in work or recreation

  To be ignorant of the social progress

  5. To help overcome difficulties and sadness

  To provide light and warmth

  Never accept any gift from a stranger, as preached by sages

  To be likely to be hurt, or hurt

  To seek self protection and fence off possible damage

  6 To keep domestic animals

  To seek companion from pet

  To make family life more colorful and rich

  To develop sense of responsibility and caring

  To make people feel closer to the natural world

  To spread disease and pollute living environment

  To waste time and money

  To scare and hurt people, kid and the aged alike

  7 To lead an economical and simple life

  To learn to be frugal

  To practice the quality of thrift

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